As a member of the Ark network, Ark Alexandra Academy is in a unique position to work in close partnership with its highly successful primary partners: Ark Blacklands, Little Ridge and Castledown. 

The two sites, lower and upper, afford us the extraordinary freedom to provide a curriculum that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of years 7 and 8 on the Helenswood site and years 9-13 on the William Parker site. 

Students with special educational needs will be supported by our SEND department where specialist staff will work with individuals and small groups. The curriculum will be adapted to secure access and to meet the needs of SEND students. Similarly, students who have particular talents and abilities will be provided with specialist support and guidance. 

The Lower School

The Lower School (years 7 and 8) will deliver a new curriculum that builds on the strengths of our excellent primary schools to embed high expectations and standards; curriculum rigour and challenge; knowing every child; and enhancing leadership skills.

The curriculum for years 7 and 8 will:

  • provide an academically rigorous curriculum; building mastery in English, mathematics and science
  • create articulate, aspirational and confident students through a strong literacy and oracy curriculum enriched by exposure to a range of cultural experiences
  • embed excellent rituals, routines and disciplined study habits
  • inspire students to have ambitious goals and develop the courage and resilience to achieve them

The Upper School

The Upper School (years 9, 10 and 11) will extend and build upon the experiences from the lower school. Students will transition to the William Parker site where they will begin their subject options. Choices will be informed by their long-term aspirational goals, as well as their personal strengths and interests. Their progress at the upper school will secure excellent outcomes by:

  • continuing to build on mastery in English, mathematics and science whilst securing strong progress and attainment in their chosen option subjects
  • being relentless in building subject knowledge, skills and cultural references through excellent teaching and wider experiences
  • instilling communication skills so that students are able to present confidently in any situation and write at length with stamina for a variety of different purposes and audiences
  • developing emotional intelligence that will enable our students to know how to modify their behaviour according to the context; develop strong interpersonal skills; listen and understand another’s point of view; be able to positively challenge and debate that view confidently and knowledgeably
  • preparing our students to be positive contributors to their communities through a character programme
  • participating in and following a programme for careers education, individual advice and guidance that is refined for each individual and provides meaningful work-based experiences
  • learning what success looks like and how to be resilient and patient when faced with challenges.