Updated 24th March 2020

Is the academy open for students?

The academy is open for students who have parents that are key workers. If you haven't already made contact with the Academy, please email Mrs Brasier at s.brasier@arkalexandra.org as soon as possible with your Key Worker role, contactable telephone number and student(s) name and form. We will follow up with a phone call and/or letter with further instructions outlining the service provided.

Safeguarding and wellbeing

We understand that this is a very stressful and anxious time for our students. There will be support everyday between 10am and 11am with members of the Safeguarding team. Feel free to call.

  • For Year 7 and 8 students call Ms Downey on 07515815418
  • For Year 9, 10 and 11 call Ms Willis on 07564 079037
  • For Year 12 and 13 call Ms Bessa on 07594 336344

I cannot get my child logged onto ShowMyHomework

Due to unprecedented demand, many students are still having trouble logging in to our services. We are working extremely hard to respond to individual email requests but this may take some time due to volume. We thank you for your patience in these difficult times and more information will follow shortly.

Parents and carers, due to various technical issues, the previous instructions for logging on to ShowMyHomework will not work for many students. We have resolved several of the issues and a large number of students have logged in successfully but for those who still cannot access the service, please do the following:

  • Visit ShowMyHomework Login.
  • Scroll down and click "Sign in with Office 365" (also try "Sign in with Google").
  • Use your usual school email address and password to log in.


If you don't know your school email address or password, please email your Head of Year for a reminder/reset.

Further issues:

If your account doesn't exist or there is no homework, please email us at online-learning@arkalexandra.org.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience, many of these issues are outside of our control but we are working hard to ensure your child has access to all the resources available. Thank you for your patience and support.

Will my child fall behind?

There will be plenty of work set on Show My Homework and other platforms used by the Academy. This work includes revision of previous topics and work designed for independent learning. Our staff are currently working hard redesigning our curriculum to ensure that as soon as the Academy reopens all students will cover the topics required to catch up.

Teachers will be setting different study activities ranging from quizzes through to reading and structured assignment tasks.

How long should children be working for on school set work each day?

Students and parents should consider creating a timetable of study, relaxation, physical activity and socialising (as a family and with people outside your house using voice and video calling). Please refer to our Home Learning advice letter for tips on how to create an effective timetable. Students should consider their own working environment and household timetables when creating a working pattern; some might choose to mirror their school timetable, some might choose to study at certain times in the day, some might choose to prioritise learning tasks in other ways. As long as the work set gets completed, work to a pattern that suits you and your family. Building in time during the day for exercise and creative practical activities such as drawing, junk modelling or writing is important for your child’s well-being. Currently you and your child can leave the house to exercise if neither of you are showing symptoms – please ensure you are keeping yourself up to date with government advice and adhering to it.

How do I know where the learning my child has been set fits into the learning they have been doing in school? 

All the current schemes of learning have been saved for parents and children on SharePoint to access at: 

What if I don’t have a laptop for my child to complete their work? Are there printed work packs?

Work can be completed on paper, in an exercise book or on-line; the work set on google drive or SMHW will give clear instructions on how the work can completed using different formats.

Work packs will be available as hard copies to be collected from the Helenswood campus on Wednesday 25th between 2.00-3.00pm and Thursday 26th 10.00-11.00am. 

Workbooks or paper / a spare exercise book will be available at this time. We will manage the process in order that every person keeps a distance of at least 2 metres.

How are students to return work to their teachers?

The student saving their work on their own google drive is ideal. Their username for their drive is their school email. It is then easy for your child to share this folder with their teacher for checking. There are instructions on the web site to support your child in using their google drive.

Knowledge quizzes will be set by teachers on SMHW or on SENECA learning. These will be self marked and teachers will be monitoring the students’ scores.

You will be updated shortly on how students will be able to receive more detailed feedback on structured assignments.

Why has my child been set work with a due date in the Easter Holidays?

This will be a system error. Students are not expected to be submitting work over the Easter break; all work can be completed and returned once the Summer Term begins.

Will my child be sanctioned for not completing work?

Work has been set in line with the expectations of a normal student working day. We recognise the unique challenges the current situation creates for many of our students and that completing work as per a set schedule may become difficult. Over the next two weeks no student will be penalised for not completing the work within the deadline; staff will be monitoring and tracking the work set, with the expectation that over that period work is accessed and attempted.

Will my children still receive FSM provision?

The academy has placed an order and is expecting delivery this week. Parents will be contacted as to a time to collect a food parcel that will cover provision for a 10-day period.

What do I do if I am struggling to access Show My Homework or Hegarty Maths?

Currently the systems outside of our control are experiencing unprecedented access issues which both companies are working to resolve. There are a range of good websites that provide invaluable learning experiences for students which you should look to access to supplement the work already being set, for example BBC Bitesize and Twinkle.

How will my child be awarded their GCSE or A level grade?

We are awaiting further information from the DFE and Ofqual. Our limited understanding at this point is that teachers will be asked to submit grades that represent recent mock exams and the student’s prior attainment. As soon as we receive further guidance, we will update this FAQ.

Buses during school closure

We are liaising regularly with Stagecoach about buses. Currently they cannot guarantee that the school buses, 73 and 74, will be running. If your child is attending school (vulnerable students and only those children of keyworkers who cannot be safely cared for at home), please find an alternative route to and from school.

How will I receive my child’s free school meals?

From the 27th of April onwards, we will be using the government voucher scheme to provide vouchers for students entitled to free school meals.

Through the scheme we will provide the parent of every eligible child with a weekly shopping voucher worth £15 to spend at supermarkets while schools are closed due to coronavirus. The vouchers can be spent on food at a range of shops including Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose and M&S. The government are working to get more shops to join the scheme as soon as possible. The scheme will only issue vouchers for term time and not during the Easter break.

More information can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/voucher-scheme-launches-for-schools-p...

While we wait for the government voucher scheme details, all parents of eligible students will receive a text today (01/04) about accessing a £30 Tesco voucher. This voucher is for the weeks commencing 30/03 and 20/04. For parents who cannot access the vouchers on their phones, we will be posting home a paper copy.

Will there be further care packages?

From now we will not be delivering care packages but issuing free school meal vouchers as outlined above.

Will scheduled vaccinations take place?

Vaccinations have been postponed due to the current crises.

Will we be refunded the money from the Poland trip?

We are awaiting confirmation as to how and when refunds will be issued. We will update this information as soon as we know.