Ark Alexandra Academy students impress with GCSE results.

Thursday 12 August 2021

Liam Collins, Principal, said: “We have had had a challenging 18 months, but today we are celebrating the individual achievements of our students and supporting them on their chosen next steps into our Sixth Form, local FE colleges and into apprenticeships.

There are so many reasons why this cohort deserves to celebrate their achievements in their examinations. Firstly, these results are the culmination of many years of work and study, and students deserve our respect and admiration for everything they have achieved.” Secondly, they have shown determination and resilience to keep going while a global pandemic impacted their two years of study for their GCSEs.

With so many students meeting the requirements of our Post-16 Programmes we are looking forward to them joining us next year into our exceptionally successful Sixth Form.”

Notable mentions to:

  • Kawther Adi who achieved nine grade 9s
  • Lydia Khan who achieved six grade 9s
  • Karima Daniel who achieved six grade 9s
  • Nell Aschkenasy-King who achieved six grade 9s
  • Marco Duraku who achieved seven grade 9s and a Distinction*
  • Paige Kingham who achieved five grade 9s

Nell Aschkenasy-King


Paige Kingham


Marco Duraku


Sana Tofiq


Tayla Ranson


Karima Daniel


Faye Adams


Wyatt Quinnell


Kawther Adi


Becky McNaughton