Ark Alexandra Sixth Form students receive over £60,000 in bursaries towards their University dreams.

Thursday 26 May 2022

We are delighted to announce that our Year 13 students have received over £60,000 worth of bursaries for university study, thanks to the Ark Bursary programme and its generous donors. Following a rigorous selection process, including an application, reference and interview, the students learned of their monetary awards last week.

The bursaries are money donated by organisations to support students with their university fees. These bursaries contribute toward the cost of tuition and maintenance fees and do not need to be paid back. These bursaries are life-changing for our students and for some are the deciding factor in accepting their offers from universities.

Hannah Barnicoat Hill was excited to receive the Reuben Bursary, worth £22,500. She has accepted an offer from Cambridge University to pursue her dream of studying Mathematics. She has been enthusiastic about Maths since year 7, mentoring students and inspiring her peers with her expertise, curiosity and passion.

Hannah isn’t only the only STEM ambassador in the group Ayah Osman is heading off to Kings College London. She is delighted to receive the Urbanest bursary which will provide fully funded accommodation in London. The cost of accommodation in London was a concern but the bursary has allowed her to feel confident to accept her offer on this highly competitive and prestigious course. 

Mustafa and Owen are excited to receive bursaries of £9,000 each. Both have accepted places at world renowned Russell Group universities to study Politics and International Relations and Geography respectively. For both students who are in the first generation of their families to go to university the bursary is welcome to relieve the financial strain of tuition and living costs. In Mustafa’s own words ‘the bursary has taken me a step closer to my dream of having a career in politics".

Immense gratitude goes to the Ark Bursary programme and generous donors. Recipients would also like to thank Ms Fagan, sixth form lead and Ms Horton, Vice Principal for all their help with the application process. Finally, a special mention to Alex Grant from Villiers Park who has worked closely with the year 13 students coaching and guiding them to make the best university and course choices and to develop their skills in interviews.