Congratulations to Kelsea and Ruadhan, our Accelerated Reader Millionaires!

Monday 13 December 2021

Accelerated Reader is a national reading programme designed to support students to choose appropriate novels and read at, or just above, their reading level. It helps students to stretch themselves, reading a range of high-quality texts from our newly replenished library stock.

Students in year seven and eight complete the STAR test to assess their reading level. They select a reading book appropriate to their level, as colour coded in Helenswood library. At the end of each book, the student takes a quiz testing their knowledge and understanding. The quiz can be 5, 10 or 20 questions depending on the length of the book. As an incentive, the number of words in the book is recorded as quizzes are passed.

Kelsea, in year 8, and Ruadhan, in year 7, have each read one million words and passed an impressive 46 quizzes between them.

Since September 2021, participating students have read over 7,000,000 words and passed 200 quizzes. Well done!