The Great Big Ark Alexandra Writing Competition

Friday 24 April 2020

It is said that Shakespeare wrote several of his greatest plays while he was in quarantine from the plague – including King Lear and Macbeth. Now, we’re not going to ask you to write a play this week but Ark Alexandra’s next competition is a writing one!

We want you to write an entertaining story between 200 and 500 words long.

Your story can be about anything you want. Maybe you want to take inspiration from Shakespeare and write a romantic comedy, a romantic tragedy, a story set on a deserted island or a story about a warrior who wants to conquer the world? Or you can take inspiration from your own life or something you have read about recently or seen on TV. You can write about any theme, place, time or subject you want!

We won’t be rating your story on spelling, punctuation or grammar (although we do want you to try your hardest in these areas) but instead we will be choosing the winning story by looking at the plot line, description and enjoyment factor! There will be prizes!

The competition runs from Friday 24th March 2020 to Friday 1st May 2020. You can handwrite your story and take a picture of it or type it in a word document (size 12 font please) then simply attach it to an email and send it to Don’t forget to include your name and year group.

So, in summary…

  • Write a story about anything
  • Make it interesting and entertaining
  • Email a picture of your handwritten story or send your word document (size 12 font) to
  • Closing date Friday 1st May 2020
  • The best stories will receive exciting prizes!

If you are excited by this competition and want to enter more then check out this website: