Help us fundraise for Great Ormond St Hospital having saved the life of student Kian Epps.

Monday 18 January 2021

Message from Vicky Pain, Alternative Provision Manager for Ark Alexandra Academy:

Many of you may know that in December 2019 my nephew Kian Epps, who is also a student at the Academy, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest whilst on his way to school. Kian was initially clinically dead but thanks to the heroic actions of some very special people Kian's life was saved and he is now a healthy, happy, thriving young man.

My family and I have personally thanked many of those involved in saving Kian and now my Sister (Kian's Mother) and I are running 31 miles (I HATE running) to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital without whom Kian would simply not be with us today. This hospital is a very special place filled with very special people working miracles on a daily basis to save and improve the lives of children. If you can spare a few pennies in sponsorship and donate to this worthwhile cause that would be very much appreciated!

Thank-you for reading.

Stay safe.