Students, please bring one item to celebrate the Harvest Festival and support Hastings Food Bank.

Monday 13 September 2021

Traditionally, Christian churches and communities hold services to celebrate the Harvest. This includes the congregation making offerings within the service which are then donated to the needy. As a Church of England school, we are aiming to centre practices in line with the Church.
The third week in September is often the week that schools and church communities would hold these services. While we cannot currently have such an event – we would still like to request that our community show this compassion also. 
We are asking that students if possible, bring ‘one item’ of non-perishable goods – cereals, canned goods, pasta , rice etc to form on Friday 17th September – where the Academy will then collect these goods and donate to the local Food Bank – as part of our ‘kindness’ value and developing students to serve to lead.