Year 7 Maths students came 2nd in a UK times table competition.

Thursday 30 January 2020

7W/Ma5 Maths class came 2nd in the UK in a times table competition that was run over the Christmas holidays and entered by thousands of school children from all over the world!

A second class from the school also entered, 7H/Ma6 and they did really well too.

The competition was run by Sumdog which is an online learning service that uses engaging games to motivate and build confidence in Maths. It is a game for everyone as the questions are automatically adjusted for each child’s level.

The two classes are entering another Sumdog Maths competition on Friday. This competition is for school classes in the East Sussex Region and they will have a week to show their stuff!

Well done to the two classes. A great achievement. They should be very proud of themselves.