November Mock Exams Timetable


Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Period 5

Tuesday 2nd Nov


Option C- 1hr

Biology- Paper 1                                    Combined Science 1hr 15min                                       Triple 1hr 45min

Wednesday 3rd Nov

English Language- Paper 2       

1hr 45min

Health & Social Care- 2hr                 Spanish Writing- 1hr 20min

Thursday 4th Nov

History- Medicine         


Maths- Paper 1- Non-Calculator                                                     1hr 30min

Friday 5th Nov

Chemistry- Paper 1                        

Combined Science 1hr 15min                                       Triple 1hr 45min

History- Germany                                1hr 20min

Monday 8th Nov

English Literature- Paper 2                   

2x 50min

Physics- Paper 1                                       Combined Science 1hr 15min                                       Triple 1hr 45min

French- Higher Listening

Tuesday 9th Nov

Geography- Paper 1                                 1hr 30min

DT- Option C- 1hr             Spanish- Listening-45mins

Wednesday 10th Nov

Maths- Paper 2- Calculator                                         1hr 30min

DT- Option B- 2hrs                         Hospitality & Catering- Option B        1hr 30mins                                                 RS- 1hr 45mins                                 Drama- Option B 1hr    

DT- Option C- 1hr                    Spanish- Reading- 1hr

Thursday 11th Nov

Catch up of any exams missed

Friday 12th Nov

DT- Option D- 1hr  Hospitality & Catering- Option D 1hr 30mins

French- Higher & Foundation writing; Foundation listening

Sociology- Option D

DT- Option D 1hrs                  French- Higher & Foundation writing; Foundation listening

Sociology-Option D

Sociology- Option A

PE- 1hr

Sociology- Option A

Monday 15th Nov

French- Higher & Foundation Reading

Dance- Option B- 1hr

Tuesday 16th Nov

Spanish- Foundation Listening- 40 mins

Red writing- denotes that the exam will be held in the ABJ
Black writing donates that the exam will be held in classroom