At Ark Alexandra, we want students to gain the outcomes that MATCH their talent.  Our purpose is for our young people to feel supported and encouraged in equal measure to achieve.  We want our school to be orderly and calm so that all feel safe.  We will offer curriculum subjects and wider curriculum opportunities that enable students to grow into exceptional adults. In facilitating this, we will have great teachers who tell people what a great place Alexandra is to work. As parents and carers, you will be happy to have secured a place for your child at our school and be proud to see your child flourish.

Our overarching vision encompasses our Christian belief: that Ark Alexandra is “building a flourishing community through love and hope anchored by God”. We are building the success of our school through an inclusive Christian ethos based on the universal values of Faith, Kindness and Success alongside high expectations and ambition for every child to succeed. Our values will inform our behaviours, language and Rewards, Repair and Sanction policy:  Faith to believe they can, and they will, a determination to aspire for excellence every day in all that they do with the kindness to be caring, supportive and charitable in how they treat themselves and others.

The trinity of Faith, Kindness and Excellence form our values.  They are underpinned by Agape (love) and overarched by Koinonia (community). 
We are proud to be part of the Ark network of schools, enabling us gain from one of the most successful Multi-Academy Trusts.

Mr L Collins