I am delighted to introduce you to our school. This is such an exciting time – as we bring William Parker and Helenswood together to create Ark Alexandra Academy. Students have been educated on the William Parker site since 1619. 2019 marks the 400th anniversary for the school – and a new chapter in the history of the two schools as they come together to serve both boys and girls from our community.

Ark Alexandra will preserve and build on the legacy of William Parker and Helenswood – using our existing strengths and expertise to create a co-educational school that will specialise in the creative arts and sport.

Ark Alexandra Academy will be a Church of England school with strong universal Christian values of Faith, Excellence and Kindness that inform our ethos and culture. Our school will have an inclusive admissions policy that welcomes, without preference, students of all faiths and none.

Our vision, ethos and curriculum will support each student to achieve the highest academic results, develop essential personal qualities, become highly employable, and serve their communities well – and so raise standards and aspiration for all.

I look forward to welcoming you to Ark Alexandra Academy.

Mr L Collins