Students at Ark Alexandra are elated today after receiving high GCSE grades.

Thursday 25 August 2022

Students at Ark Alexandra are elated today after receiving high GCSE grades. 

Notable performances of students gaining 9-7 (A** to B) in eight or more subjects: 

Amor, Rafferty  

Banks, Hal – who gained 9s in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geography and 8s in English Language, English Literature Maths and Spanish 

Bray, Teagan 

Brett, Alexander 

Burgoyne, Kitty 

Butler, Jack 

Cargill Moody, Finn 

Clark, Louis – Louis put in a massive number of hours on Seneca, which has paid off with all 9’s in his triple Science and great results in all his other subjects.  Louis achieved four 9s, two 8s and two 7s (Photo'd with Leah Thorogood) 

Davenport, Amicia 

Fear, India 

Francis, Amber 

Havbro, Baxter – who achieved four 7s, three 6s 

Hoxey, Hayden 

Hutton-Mitchell, Ebony who achieved two 9s, three 8s, three 7s and one 6 

Luck, Matilda

Mepham, Aimee 

Mesi, Arona 

Persand, Monisha 

Rahman, Abidah 

Thorogood, Leah – achieved one 9, four 8s amongst her excellent results 

Webb, George 

Wicker, Thomas 

Wilson, Joshua 

Yusuf, Suleiman 


Principal Liam Collins said:  

"If ever there was a cohort of Year 11s who deserved congratulations on their GCSE and BTEC results, it is undoubtedly the class of 2022 who received their grades today. No group of students in postwar Britain has suffered a more disrupted education than they have. The Covid pandemic left ineradicable marks on their schooling. It disrupted their teaching and disturbed their study and their exams. It also had an often-traumatic impact on their home lives, those of their families and friends, and their development into young adults. We are so proud of their hard work and resilience. They should wear their achievement as a generational badge of honour." 

Other successes today: 

Honey Hill who gained results on average three grades higher than expected – in the photo Amy King and Carina Murray (see below).  Honey achieved two 8s and four 7s amongst her results 

Amy Francis, Daisy Histead, Grace Turnbull, Rhiana Lenzi, Tawana Matiza (picture below), Kitty Burgoyne, Hannah Foster and Astrid Kemsley-Buton who all achieved results on average two grades higher than expected